One-Click E-Signature Service

RMail One-Click e-signature service is the simplest available; the e-sign process is completed entirely within email, with no need for the e-sign recipients to visit any web browsers.

Send any document or agreement from your email program (i.e. Microsoft Outlook) or any contracts system. The recipient’s e-signature is captured with just a click of the mouse in their received email.

The receiver receives the agreement content converted to read-only – they cannot modify the document or agreement. The e-signed document is electronically signed on the bottom left corner of all pages and a PDF is generated with the signer’s name, email address and time/date stamp along with a signature certificate and Registered Receipt™ forensic audit trail.

  • The final e-sign record is digitally signed to maintain and validate integrity.
  • A forensic e-sign audit trail is included and embedded in the signed agreement.
  • The entire transaction is encapsulated in the Registered Receipt™ authenticatable email proof record.

Contact an RMail integration specialist to learn more about how you can add RMail or RSign to your workflow.